Manna Ko

Manna began her career as an entrepreneur in the 1980s in Canada, and within a short time, became nationally recognized in her industry. In the late 1990s she and her son moved to the United States, where she used her giftings and expertise to help others in the marketplace, providing progressive marketing concepts, effective office systems, integrative team building curricula, personal and professional leadership consulting, and strategic partnerships to businesses around the country.

In the early 2000s, Manna went back to school and earned an MA in Psychology, a PhD in Philosophy, and graduate certificates as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), a Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH), among many others.

As an Author of over a dozen books and numerous curricula and articles, Speaker, Leader, Visionary, CEO and Founder of several companies, and Strategic Partner to many others, Manna is passionate about championing others to step into their calling, live extraordinary lives, prosper through chaos, be a forerunner with unseen opportunities, lead under pressure, and deliver results.

Now with almost thirty years of entrepreneurial experience, she has spoken to over 40,000 people, worked with hundreds of different businesses and organizations, guided even more individuals seeking personal excellence, and has taught to private writer’s groups in Oxford, England. She has clients in more than 9 countries, has contributed to numerous educational, disciplinary and advisory boards, is the Lead Trainer and Editor in Chief for KWA (Kingdom Writer’s Association) and is an Ordained Leader with Third Day Churches.

Manna and her family live in San Diego, California.


1. My favorite “meal” is a “Chocolate Chip Sandwich” which is made up of dark chocolate chips on warm or toasted buttered bread.
2. The most difficult thing in my life is to not adopt every dog I see.
3. When I eat corn on the cob, I eat 1 row at a time (with my teeth), leaving the cob meticulously clean.