What to Do When You Need Spiritual TLC


Life has a relative measure of predictability to it.

The sun rises and sets daily. Dogs like to go for walks and chase tennis balls. And for most of us, alarm clocks wake us up on weekday mornings launching us into a series of more predictable situations.

There is also a lot of unpredictability in our lives. Some of these “unpredictables” are fun – they’re blessings. But other “unpredictables” are not fun. They’re painful…and our lives are never the same again.

Yes, we have loved ones, counselors and pastors who listen to us and offer words of wisdom during those times. And yes, we have lots of self-help books and courses that promise to help us with life’s challenges. But I have found that no matter how profound the advice has been, or how great the books and courses were, the only thing that has consistently and faithfully given me the most comfort, relief, wisdom, strategies, and hope, was the Bible.


Unfortunately, many people don’t read the Bible. They’re too busy, too intimidated by it, or too distracted by the many other options out there that appear to make our problems go away – and go away easily!

After all, why take the time to study and learn the Bible, when you can have instant gratification, right? Plus, isn’t the Bible just an old book filled with harsh rules, outdated concepts, and legalistic principles that are too rigid, un-relatable and irrelevant?

Nope! Nope! Nope to all those thoughts!

This kind of thinking is the farthest thing from the truth.

How can I say this with such conviction? Because I used to think the Bible was too intimidating and outdated, too. And I was too busy being a single mom, starting over and building a new career to provide for my son and me…there wasn’t “time” to just read the Bible and hope those funny old-fashioned words could help me.

But I was so wrong.

I fell for the promises from the “buffet of distractions” and only got into more and more trouble. So much trouble, I wrote a book about it so you don’t have to go through what I went through! 🙂

It wasn’t until there was no where else to go, no one else to go to, and nothing else I could do…when I became so desperate that there was “no other choice,” that I finally dug in to see what the Bible had to say. And when I did, my world changed – almost immediately! The stories, the messages, the lessons, the wisdom, the comfort and the power of God’s Word came alive and ministered to me in ways that are hard to describe.

As Corrie Ten Boom once said,

“You may never know that JESUS is all you need, until JESUS is all you have.”

I was so happy for what I had been blessed with, I wanted to share it with others!

So, I wrote a book entitled “My Spiritual First Aid Kit – Words of Wisdom for Immediate Relief”


It’s a book filled with verses from the Bible put together as an easy resource tool so you can access God’s wisdom and strategies for victory for your situations quickly and easily.

There’s nothing like reading the Bible itself and learning from it as the stories unfold, but until then, here’s an immediate resource to do “triage” for your heart and soul when the “unpredictables” aren’t the fun ones.

The book is alphabetized from A to Z with each letter corresponding to an “ailment” that starts with that letter. For example:

A = Anxiousness

B = Belonging

C = Courage


So, you would go to the letter A when you’re feeling anxious, uncertain or troubled. There, you’ll find verses to give you relief from this “symptom.” You would go to B when you’re feeling alone or separated, and you would go to C when you are feeling intimidated or fearful and need to be bold. And so on.

There’s a version for women and for men.

I hope these books will bless you and minister to you. My encouragement is to keep digging. Keep reading these verses. Don’t give up if you don’t feel anything right away 🙂 It takes time to let the patterns of old thoughts be cleared up.

Keep this book close by and let these powerful words bless you beyond your wildest imagination! 🙂


In Joyful Loving Service,

Manna Ko



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